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New Trucking Business Startup

File your legal entity for your trucking company. Apply for your Federal ID#. DOT# and Motor Carrier Authority, file for the Unified Carrier Registrations (UCR). File BOC-3 Form(Designation of Process Agent) with FMCSA. Obtain your International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) decals. Obtain insurance to meet the requirements. International Registration Plan (IRP) tag.


DOT Compliance and DOT#

Driver Qualifications Files. Vehicle Maintenance Files. Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs. USDOT Numbers are used by the USDOT to monitor a company or independent owner-operator’s safety management practices controls.


Motor Carrier Authority MC

Companies that operate as a for hire carries are required to have a Operating Authority, MC number, in addition to a USDOT number.

Get Started Today

We will take care of the registration process, so you avoid any delays and get your business up and running as soon as possible. Plus, when we take care of your paperwork, you won’t end up paying extra for registrations that you don’t need.

Full Services
  • New Truck Business Startup
  • Motor Carrier Authority MC
  • Highway Taxes 2290
  • Truck Insurance
To Attend You
  • IRP Registration
  • IFTA License and Decal Stickers
  • IRS Form 2290
  • MCS 150
New Business
  • Operating Authority
  • USDOT Number
  • BOC-3 Filings
  • UCR Registration

How Much Does Trucking Authority Cost?

The cost for getting your own authority can vary by state. Through Legal Trucking, you can apply for carrier authority or broker authority, or both. Packages for carrier authority start at $999.

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