About Us

Legal Trucking

Empowering the future of transportation

We at Legal Trucking have a story of tenacity, transformation, and dedication. Our founder, Fernanda, brings a unique perspective and resolute passion to the trucking industry.

Fernanda’s journey began with humble roots in Philadelphia, where she quickly became acquainted with the world of trucks and transportation through her family. With her father and brother engaged in trucking in Brazil, she was exposed to the industry from an early age. As she grew, her engagement evolved from casual observation to active assistance in her family’s administrative affairs.

However, Fernanda’s story takes an unexpected turn. Despite briefly stepping away from the trucking scene, she found herself continuously drawn back to it. A series of events led her to discover her true calling – helping others navigate the intricate landscape of the trucking world. Despite challenges and uncertainties, Fernanda’s commitment remained resolute.

As the driving force behind Legal Trucking, Fernanda’s determination shaped the company’s values. Through periods of growth and adaptation, she forged ahead, building a team that shares her dedication to clients and the industry. With each challenge faced, Fernanda’s belief in the power of perseverance and her desire to make a meaningful impact only grew stronger.

Today, Legal Trucking stands as a testament to Fernanda’s journey and the values she introduced. The company continues to thrive under her leadership, providing clients with exceptional service and support in navigating the ever-evolving world of transportation.

Fernanda’s story is one of transformation – from an early connection to trucks through family ties to a passionate commitment to guiding others through the complexities of the industry. Her unshakable dedication moves Legal Trucking forward, as we empower clients, embrace the challenges, and opportunities that lie ahead.