CT Permit

 A legal document issued by the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) that allows vehicles with excessive size, weight, or load to travel on state highways. These permits are necessary for vehicles that exceed the limits established by state law to ensure the safety of the highways and bridges.

HUT Permit

Permit is a state-required tax permit for operating certain commercial motor vehicles on New York State public highways

IFTA Permit

International Fuel Tax Agreement decals, are used by qualifying motor carriers to indicate that they have registered and paid the necessary fuel taxes in participating jurisdictions. The IFTA is an agreement among U.S. states and Canadian provinces, allowing for the uniform collection and distribution of fuel taxes for motor carriers that operate in multiple jurisdictions

KYU Permit

The KYU license is required for vehicles that have a gross weight of 60,000 pounds or more and operate on Kentucky highways.

NM Permit

Weight distance taxes are typically imposed on commercial vehicles based on the distance they travel and their weight. These taxes are often collected by state authorities to fund road maintenance and construction projects 


Oregon Permit

A trip permit is a temporary authorization that allows a vehicle to be driven legally in a specific jurisdiction for a limited period, typically for vehicles that are not registered or licensed in that jurisdiction

DEP - Delaware (DE)

Delaware Environmental Protection

DEP - Pennsylvania (PA)

Pennsylvania Environmental Protection


SCAC stands for Standard Carrier Alpha Code. It is a unique code used to identify transportation companies.